Saturday, February 6, 2010

Free Magazine

(BIM) Brand Images Monthly Family Magazine is something different coming soon in Pakistan.We are taking Magazine to different level for its reader and creating a client based so different that starting from a kid , to a young School or a college youth from a working ladies to house wives and defiantly for executive men we will cover all.

This English Based Magazine will try to cover something which you all want not what we want you to read.

& that is just a start because the starting founder member will get the Magazine free for lifetime.

So stop thinking and start sending your details for free a Magazine offer for its founder members.

At the initials we are launching in Islamabad and Rawalpindi only but in couple of months we will be launching for more cities.

To start getting your first free copies please send in email to or

Registration Form for free copy.



PTCL Number/Cell number

Email Address

Registration #

(official use)

Rules & regulations.

1. Only founder members will get free copy.

2. The Magazine is monthly.

3. One copy will be for each house and only one member will be eligible from each house/Address.

4. It is only a free members form by no means management will not charge any thing by just filling the form, this form will only be used for good and only for the registration of founder member and we will not share any privacy of our members.

5. The Management reserves the right of discontinuation of free copy.

6. If any founder member will discontinue or does not require the free copy the next register member will start receiving their copy.

7. The Magazine is family and all its contents are based for all ages of 3 and above.

Signature for membership.

Thank you and best regards,

Muhammad Fahd Ibrahim

We also require free lance writers please contact on